Ron Bluher

I have nearly 30 years of construction experience, with kitchens, bathrooms and decks accounting for much of my business. I will do virtually anything for you, from drafting a remodel plan to straightening a door.

All you need do is ask.

— Ron Bluher

"I was brought up in the ’60s, with all the idealism that went with it. My feeling is, I’m helping people out. It’s not a job for me."

My customers like my relaxed, personal approach, which can be friendlier than dealing with larger, more formal businesses. I perform most work myself, from start to finish. This minimizes delays and makes me solely responsible for the guarantee work.

I’m flexible and creative, with strict standards and an eye for detail. I will help you achieve your goals in a timely manner, while keeping your costs as low as possible. I charge only for time directly spent working on your project, and I do not mark up material costs. Please check my references.

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